Why join the Brighton Premier Lunch Club

Why join the Brighton Premier Lunch Club?

Builds and maintains strong commercial relationships

Even in this internet age, never underestimate the power of meeting people face to face, personal recommendation and word of mouth.

Networking is the long game. A regular commitment to our event builds and maintains strong commercial relationships. It’s a great way to develop your business by meeting people who will get to know you, and who will recommend you to others once you establish your business credibility. Better still, you may even meet your next new client.

If you’re a member, booking through Evenbrite is free. For guests, there’s a fee of £27 for each event which covers lunch, a glass of wine or a soft drink.

The event takes place from midday on the first Wednesday of every month. Guests are welcome to attend twice. After that, we will invite you to join.

How to join

To come along as a guest, just click the link here. Don’t forget to tell us what you do. We have a sector exclusivity policy to save us worrying about competing for business with other members.

If you’d like to become a member, there is a one off joining fee of £55 plus a £55 deposit. After that, we ask you to set up a monthly standing order for £27.

There’s no obligation to remain a member. If you decide to leave, the deposit covers two lunches and gives us the chance to find a replacement for your sector.

That’s it. Any extra money is used for the occasional night out with the girls! We also make donations to local charities from time to time. Get in touch with us here.

What happens at our lunch events?

What happens at our lunch events?

Midday: Members and guests get together to enjoy a glass of wine or a soft drink. We love to hear about successes, but we’re always ready to offer sympathy and support if things aren’t going so well.

12.30pm: Time to take a seat for a friendly welcome from our Chair. Each member is invited to deliver her own 1-minute “elevator pitch” when you speak about what you do, and the benefits of your business.

1.00pm: Continue networking as a delicious lunch is served by the friendly and courteous staff at the Hotel du Vin.

1.50pm: Learn more about one of our members’ businesses or pick up some valuable industry tips during a 10-minute presentation.

2.00pm: We like to brainstorm business topics by sharing our challenges, solutions and successes. Or we may expand further on what we do in small groups.

2.15pm: The event draws to a close.

Interested? Why not get in touch to find out more.