Susan Beckingham – Sussex Copywriting Services

Sussex Copywriting Services is run and managed by Susan Beckingham, an experienced and skilled copywriter who helps businesses to grow through opening doors.  If you’re busy, you may not have the time to write your own website content. Or, perhaps writing isn’t your thing.  Indeed, do YOU know how to write for the medium of the web?

Why not call 01273 721 306?  Susan will create fabulous, crisp, original copy that persuades, informs or educates; one that speaks to your target market in a way that really resonates with them and which evokes a subtle yet effective call to action.

With her extensive business background in sales and marketing, her attention to detail and a near obsessive devotion to grammar and spelling, Susan’s services are just what you need.  She can help you to develop your business by creating perfect content for:

Websites (of all sizes and industry types)
Sales letters
Proposal and Tenders
LinkedIn profiles

Susan’s skills enable her to increase engagement and to present your business professionally.   On your behalf, her written words could help turn interested parties into your paying customers.

For websites, she is an SEO specialist who understands how search engines work and the factors you need to consider when outsourcing your website copy to a content writer.

Sussex Copywriting Services supports organisations and individuals who sell to both consumers and businesses.

Don’t do it yourself: use an expert.  Susan Beckingham can be contacted on 07816 684 756 or