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Profile - Jilly Batchelar

Jilly Batchelar

Free Spirit Travel

30 years ago Jilly and her friend Barbara Gordon invented the concept of a yoga holiday – as opposed to yoga retreats (where in those days you practised and studied yoga all day and stayed in dormitories).

A yoga holiday is set in a beautiful location, yoga is twice a day. Everybody meets up for meals and yoga, outside of that your time is our own to go to the beach, explore, or to just relax and be on holiday.

Free Spirit is the largest provider of yoga holidays in the world and fabulous value for money. It has a huge selection of yoga teachers and venues in many countries as well as in the UK.

Always happy to share information, advise on teachers, and suggest venues, do contact Free Spirit if you are contemplating a yoga holiday. If they do not have what you want they are always happy to suggest alternatives with other yoga companies and teachers they trust.

Profile - Helen Beckingham - Keyword Copywriting

Helen Beckingham

Keyword Copywriting

Most people hate writing about themselves, and it’s even harder to sing the praises of your own business. As a copywriter, I take the burden off your shoulders by describing your business in a neat, concise and persuasive way.

It could be Google-friendly content for website pages and blogs, product descriptions, whitepapers, emails, brochures or leaflets… or anything that involves words.

Keyword Copywriting is nearly 10 years old and is based in Brighton.

Profile - Sushma Clark

Sushma Clark

Your Accounts Team

Your Accounts Team are chartered management accountants based in Brighton, operating since 2009. We are a forward-thinking company embracing the latest software and technologies to offer the best solutions for our Client’s needs.

I have been in the accountancy field for over 30 years and truly enjoy working with numbers and helping people to understand and use their financial information and not fear it.

M: 07791 491653

Jenny Edwards

Purposeful Business Coaching

Profile - Helen Guinness - Four by Four

Helen Guinness

Four by Four Consulting

In the nearly forty years that I have been involved in personal and organisational development, I have never (honestly, never) worked with an individual or a team that has not been stuck in a negative or limiting mindset.  I have come to the conclusion that mindsets really do govern perceptions, attitudes, behaviour, culture and so much more.  So, my primary focus is to help my clients to identify the limiting mindsets that hold them back.  Mindsets can be changed: my intention is to guide you, your team/tribe/company to make the necessary changes: to break habitual patterns that don’t support you and find new ones that reflect your purpose and goals.

I have coached hundreds of people in all walks of life and all market sectors: from senior executives to individuals in business, sales teams to working mothers, students to prisoners.

I am committed to supporting my clients to design the lives they want to lead, deal with the obstacles that get in the way and give them the tools that will sustain them.

I co-authored Making Management Simple published by How To Books.
+44(0)7775 662170

Profile - Hilary Humphrey

Hilary Humphrey

Cardinal Support Services

Sometimes the admin associated with day to day living can become overwhelming, and the motivation to deal with it just isn’t there. Changes throughout our lives may mean that you now have to deal with things that you have so far avoided. You may feel as though you have an ever growing to do list, but never seem to get through all the actions. I bring focus, organisation and peace of mind to running your business through monthly accoutnability sessions.

My experience in dealing with personal and business admin means that I understand that everyone works in different ways, so there is no one size fits all solution. I bring a calm but friendly approach to helping you keep on top of your to do lists.

07745 301 190

Profile - Nicole Humphreys

Nicole Humphreys

Acumen Business Law

ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW is an award winning, innovative and dynamic Law Firm. The firm specialises in all aspects of business law with dedicated corporate and commercial specialists.  I specialise in employment law and commercial disputes. Acumen has a sister company, ACUMEN People, who deal with personal matters such as selling houses, family matters and Wills. The same great service from an equally great group of specialists.

ACUMEN lawyers provide legal services in a way different to other law firms. In a bold move in the legal industry, the firm scrapped the hourly rate system and operate a fixed fee-pricing model for all non-contentious matters, thus removing the ‘open cheque system’ used by commercial lawyers. Where matters are contentious we will always seek to settle a claim favourably for you and seek to avoid expensive court litigation where possible.

ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW has also broken away from the aloof culture that is associated with the legal profession. Acumen’s commercial lawyers are accessible, approachable and unpretentious who genuinely care about the clients’ business.

I am the Head of Employment Department and specialise in all areas of employment law. I work with both employers and employees to provide practical solutions to legal issues and will be on hand to guide you through the somewhat thorny employment law legislation. Always happy to have a chat so please feel free to get in touch.

Profile - Dawn Hutchings

Dawn Hutchings


I specialise in helping my clients become better informed about the huge range of choices open to them with regard to their long term financial wealth and retirement provisions.

The investment portfolios and bespoke retirement solutions that I build with clients, are designed to help them achieve the level of wealth and flexibility they desire, and the lifestyle they aspire to.

Is your investment capital delivering the returns you want?

If your investments are not achieving their full potential then you are missing out on valuable growth, and the opportunity cost over time could be huge, meaning your later life will be impacted.

My aim is to deliver remarkably different returns through carefully considered investments, giving you the tools to meet your goals.

Do you want access to new ideas and exciting investment products?

Have you ever wanted to get involved in property renovation, buy-to-lets or even commercial property projects, but feel you don’t have that level of capital or knowledge? Well now you can participate in this sort of large project from only £10,000 and benefit from the knowledge and experience of the experts in that field.

Property markets in general offer numerous opportunities for investors willing to take a calculated approach to risk and reward. Whether you are looking for an investment to grow your capital value or to provide a regular investment income (or both), by working with Lucesco you will have access to new ideas and exciting investment products.

If you would like to know more about working with me and Lucesco, please get in touch:

Dawn Hutchings
01273 617 160

Profile - Alex Pearson

Alex Pearson

Yurt Academy

Alex is most at home in a changing environment, and is able quickly to see solutions and opportunities, and work with teams and individuals to ignite potential and increase individual and team efficacy. Alex spent twenty-five years in Beijing, China where she worked with organisations of all sizes to inspire and develop their individual and team capabilities.

She has a track record of creating successful small businesses with big impact, and now shares her knowledge and experience as a management trainer, consultant and facilitator with clients in the UK.

Alex has worked with the senior and junior teams of many organisations including Nokia, AstraZeneca, Frontline AIDS,  BASF, BMW, Lenovo, Hewlett Packard, Ikea, VW, American Express and Deutsche Bank.

Director of the Yurt Academy, Alex is also a lecturer and Course Director at the Business School of the University of Sussex.

Victoria Salomon

Ixchel Therapies

My name is Victoria Jahkeline Salomon and I am passionate about helping you to feel better!  A fully qualified and insured clinical massage, sports massage and medical acupuncture specialist. I provide a holistic approach to facilitate chronic pain relief, recovery and rehabilitation from injury, and improving overall energy, mood and general well being. Based in Brighton & Hove, with over 20 years’ experience of remedial massage therapy, I want you to understand the cause of your challenge and ensure each treatment is unique to your condition and specific requirements.

In the last few years I trained with Gary Ward and now incorporate the skill Gait Analysis and Anatomy In Motion (AIM) whilst working with clients. More recently I have also been using Theta Healing to help recognise the emotions and belief systems that can create unhelpful movement patterns in your posture, and consequently create specific pain conditions.

Augustina Tetsola

Divorce Angel

Christine Trotman

Finestone Finance