Dawn Hutchings

Lucesco Ltd – Bespoke Pension and Investment Solutions

I specialise in helping my clients become better informed about the huge range of choices open to them with regard to their long term financial wealth and retirement provisions.

The investment portfolios and bespoke retirement solutions that I build with clients, are designed to help them achieve the level of wealth and flexibility they desire, and the lifestyle they aspire to.

Is your investment capital delivering the returns you want?

If your investments are not achieving their full potential then you are missing out on valuable growth, and the opportunity cost over time could be huge, meaning your later life will be impacted.

My aim is to deliver remarkably different returns through carefully considered investments, giving you the tools to meet your goals.

Do you want access to new ideas and exciting investment products?

Have you ever wanted to get involved in property renovation, buy-to-lets or even commercial property projects, but feel you don’t have that level of capital or knowledge? Well now you can participate in this sort of large project from only £10,000 and benefit from the knowledge and experience of the experts in that field.

Property markets in general offer numerous opportunities for investors willing to take a calculated approach to risk and reward. Whether you are looking for an investment to grow your capital value or to provide a regular investment income (or both), by working with Lucesco you will have access to new ideas and exciting investment products.

If you would like to know more about working with me and Lucesco, please get in touch:

Dawn Hutchings 0845 073 0497 dawn@lucesco.co.uk  www.lucesco.co.uk